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Prairie Winds Park Redevelopment

Status: In Progress | Location: Calgary, Alberta

Wading Pool

New Perspective Pools is proud to announce that we have started on the redevelopment of the wading pool at Prairie Winds Park in Calgary.

The existing wading pool is extremely popular throughout the summer months. However, it’s currently does not appeal to a wide range of ages. The new and improved wading pool, with a lazy river, is intended to appeal to a wider range of ages and abilities.

Prairie Winds Park Redevelopment Plan

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Wading Pool & Lazy River

The entire wading pool will have a maximum depth of 600mm to ensure that it remains under the jurisdiction of Parks. A beach entry will provide universal accessibility and a gradual slope into the pool. Most edges of the main pool will be flush with the water surface, providing access to the pool from all sides and lots of opportunities for people to sit along the edges. Additional options for making the pool interesting and dynamic will be explored during detailed design, such as a cascading water feature, air bubblers, and the potential for pools within the pool that have different elevations and depths.

Adjoining the pool will be a proposed lazy river – a looping channel of moving water pushed by water jets that create a gentle current. The depth of the lazy river will be a maximum 600mm and people will be able to float along it in inner tubes or similar types of floatation devices. Sides of the lazy river will be raised above the surface of the water to guide the inner tubes along the length of the channel. An island created on the inside of the lazy river loop may include platforms on which people could relax and sunbathe. The design for the lazing river will be further explored and refined during the detailed design phase.

Wading Pool & Lazy River

A rebuilt and modernized wading pool and lazy river compliment the spray park and appeal to a wider range of ages while providing ample space for families to picnic and relax on summer days

About Prairie Winds Park

Prairie Winds Park is a large well used park located in Calgary’s Westwinds/Castleridge community. It is a passive, family-oriented park that emphasizes extensive recreational opportunities and the only regional destination park in northeast Calgary. It’s unique location places it directly under one of the flight paths of aircraft landing at the Calgary International Airport that is within a few kilometres of the park.


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