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Posted on: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

About Shotcrete Pool Construction

Shotcrete is the most durable and flexible type of pool construction

shotcreteThere are three types of in-ground pool construction; concrete, fiberglass and vinyl.  New Perspective Pools specializes in shotcrete pool construction due to it’s flexibility and durability. Shotcrete is the process of spraying concrete onto a surface at a high velocity.

Invented in 1907, this process is used for more than just pool construction; it’s also used for underground tunnelling, skate parks, retaining walls and more.  Shotcrete is the best way to install concrete as it is structurally superior and limitless in shape, size and use.

Design Flexibility

The design possibilities with shotcrete pools are endless. Pools and spas can be decorated with an infinite number of colours, textures and finishes; from glass tile, stunning mosaics and integrated fiber optic lighting. Concrete can be formed to any shape, size or depth, you can choose a popular pool shape, or work with our designers to create something completely personal and unique.

Get creative and add amenities like waterfalls, beach entries, underwater benches, drink trays or tanning ledges. Shotcrete can also be used to form custom rockwork, providing a natural appearance to your swimming pool. Shotcrete Pools allow for maximum creativity and are truly customized to your style and tastes.


Shotcrete is the most durable and watertight form of inground pool construction. As a result, this is the most popular choice for public and commercial pools. While concrete pools cost more to build than fiberglass or vinyl, their  sturdy construction provides a much higher life expectancy.

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